All I’ve learned by midsummer 2018

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but I thought I’d make a list of what I’ve learned this summer. That way, I can a) remember it for next summer and b) be proud that I learned something.

Always shower after going to the pool.

Otherwise, your skin will be prone to breakouts. This is probably due to the high levels of chemicals like chlorine in the pool, but also whatever sunscreen is floating on top there. Yech. Just because the apartment complex’s pool is full of water does not make it cleansing.

How to make segmented lists in Pardot.

Definitely something that is highly Google-able, but I did a few myself this summer and I’d say I’m not a complete noob at it now.

I probably have an intolerance to onions.

I know I’m not alone in this, but raw onions make me nauseated and give me a headache when I ingest them. For a few years, I’ve been demanding any onions I come into contact with be cooked (if possible), but this summer I learned it’s probably an intolerance. And one that there’s not much research on. It also includes garlic and a few other flavorful foods that I happen to love. Luckily I’m not full-on allergic to onions or garlic, because they are in almost every savory thing ever.

Mud daubers are good bugs.

We had a giant bug building a mud nest on our porch. I am not a fan of giant bugs. So I called the exterminator. He sprayed something on the mud nest and told us to knock it down with a broom. But the wasp beast came back and I was not pleased. Eventually my boyfriend knocked the nest down, after reading up on mud daubers. They actually capture and kill black widows, and they don’t attack humans or animals unless seriously provoked, so it ends up they’re good wasps. Sorry, lady wasp, for knocking your nest down… I’ll know better next time.

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