Fiction is my first love. I’ve been writing short stories since I was five years old. My subject matter and style have developed somewhat in the decades that have followed.

If you’re looking for customized fiction, you’ve come to the right place.

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Denver to London and 9 Other Original Sensual Stories, Magenta & Blue Publishing, 2016

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with a stranger you just met at a bar? A coworker? Clients? Friends? “Denver to London” explores what could happen if the fantasy became reality. Ten distinct but relatable experiences come to life in this sensual, explicit bundle of stories commissioned by Magenta & Blue and penned by newcomer Kat Cox. Let these tantalizing tales take you through your own desires in a more satisfying way than you knew was possible.

Available in Kindle and paperback. 

Extreme Desire and 11 Other Original Sensual Stories, Magenta & Blue Publishing, 2022

Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy that you’ve daydreamed about, but haven’t had the courage to try? “Extreme Desire” recounts tales of these sorts of fantasies coming true for strangers, lovers, and friends. Explore desire, want, and fulfillment in this new set of erotic, explicit stories by Kat Cox and let your imagination run wild.

Available in Kindle and paperback.