Short-Form Copy

PPC ads, social media, emails, blurbs, and printed brochures all require short-form copy to drive engagement. I write copy that converts, even with a limited word count.

With sexually transmitted illnesses on the rise nation-wide, the City of Austin Public Health Department needed a campaign to encourage testing, especially among people who didn’t think they needed it. I developed copy for this ad campaign for social media to educate people about the need for STI testing.

Business financial health platform Nav needed help driving logins for an end-of-year push. I crafted an email campaign that drove users to log in and look at funding options for the holidays.

Fixed income investment management firm PIMCO frequently posts video clips on YouTube to educate clients on their financial outlook. I regularly wrote video titles and descriptions to drive viewership and engagement, such as for this video, “3 Trends in the Age of Transformation“, which garnered more views than any other videos posted that month.

Commercial and revenue operations transformation company Conga needed an eye-catching email to re-engage leads interested in digital document transformation. This email, “Hello, is it digital document transformation you’re looking for?” was a resounding success.

One of Nav’s main services is providing small businesses with their credit scores. PPC ad copy, like this Google ad that I wrote, helps drive new clients to sign up.

WordPress hosting platform WPEngine was expanding their product set offerings and needed help explaining the benefits to clients, which I did in this short brochure.

Aviation software company Ultramain Systems was designing a new cabin management software, and needed a brochure to sell it. I wrote this brochure on eCabin based on interviews with the software development team, and they used the brochure as their product spec.

PIMCO used their social media channels as a way for their investment advisors to educate clients and keep them engaged. I often wrote social media copy, such as for this Facebook post, to drive clicks.

Nav needed social media posts to promote content and drive clicks on their blog. I regularly wrote copy for my blogs and those written by other members of the team, such as this Facebook post.