Articles can help establish you as an expert in your field, but so few experts have the time to write their own. I have written articles as a ghost writer and guest contributor for many print and online publications, and can help you engage your audience with the right copy. 

How Student Loan Debt Relief Could Affect Small Businesses, Nav, December 2, 2022 — A blog about pending student debt relief and its possible affect on small businesses for financial health platform Nav. 

The Finer Things, foundingAustin, June, 2018 — The cover story regarding The Finery, a wardrobe organization app created by actress Brooklyn Decker and journalist Whitney Casey. 

How to Encourage Failing Loudly in Your Team, Forbes, October 22, 2018 — A ghostwritten article about getting employees to fail loudly.

Out-of-the-House Bunny, Santa Fe Reporter, November 13, 2011 — The girl’s guide to looking sexy, even in a puffy jacket.

A Decade of Grieving, Talkspace, October, 2017 — A memoir article regarding losing my best friend, Adam, and how I dealt with it over 10 years.
The Undying Tale of Unrequited Love, The Weekly Alibi, February 9, 2012 — A dive into courtly love and all its trappings for the modern era.
There’s a Half-Life to the Pain of Heartbreak, Mend — A memoir about how pain from heartbreak heal over time.

Joining the Juice Society, foundingAustin, June 2018 — The story of Danielle Sobel, founder of Juice Society on Instagram. 

Handbags Fit for a Boss Lady, foundingAustin, June 2018 — How Kelly Wynne established a handbag empire in Austin, Texas.