Articles can help establish you as an expert in your field, but so few experts have the time to write their own. I have written articles as a ghost writer and guest contributor for many print and online publications, and can help you engage your audience with the right copy. 

The Finer Things, foundingAustin, June, 2018 — The cover story regarding The Finery, a wardrobe organization app created by actress Brooklyn Decker and journalist Whitney Casey. 

How to Encourage Failing Loudly in Your Team, Forbes, October 22, 2018 — A ghostwritten article about getting employees to fail loudly.

Out-of-the-House Bunny, Santa Fe Reporter, November 13, 2011 — The girl’s guide to looking sexy, even in a puffy jacket.

A Decade of Grieving, Talkspace, October, 2017 — A memoir article regarding losing my best friend, Adam, and how I dealt with it over 10 years.
The Undying Tale of Unrequited Love, The Weekly Alibi, February 9, 2012 — A dive into courtly love and all its trappings for the modern era.
There’s a Half-Life to the Pain of Heartbreak, Mend — A memoir about how pain from heartbreak heal over time.

Joining the Juice Society, foundingAustin, June 2018 — The story of Danielle Sobel, founder of Juice Society on Instagram. 

Handbags Fit for a Boss Lady, foundingAustin, June 2018 — How Kelly Wynne established a handbag empire in Austin, Texas.